Tasty iPhone


What is Tasty?

Tasty is our delicious.com client for the iPhone and the iPod touch. You can access and create new bookmarks from everywhere. It is fully optimized for the mobile devices from Apple and gives the native touch feeling to your bookmarks. For more information please visit your Features page.

What is delicious?

»Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source.« If you would like to get more information about delicious.com, please visit there website at delicious.com/about.


What do I need to use Tasty?

Tasty is currently optimized for Apples touch devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch. We have tested it for every firmware above 2.0. So if you have an up-to-date mobile device, you will be able to experience the full potential of Tasty.

Do I need a delicious.com account?

Absolutely. There is no way, and non planned, to provide the features of Tasty without an delicious.com account. There accounts are free for everyone to use, and they can be registered in just some seconds.

Buy Tasty

Is there a way to test Tasty?

Yes. We aree that there should be a way to test software before you spend money on it. We do not like the idea to provide a lite version, which is somehow limited in features. The goal is to provide all the features you will get when you buy Tasty. We created a Tasty Trial, which you can install through the AppStore and test it for seven days. After that period Tasty will no longer start.
No. We are really sorry, there is currently no way to test Tasty. We created an full-featured trial version, but Apple rejected to add this version to the AppStore. We are as sad as you might be. We are currently working hard to create an alternative way to let you test tasty before you buy it. As soon as something is ready, we'll let you know.

Why does my Tasty Trial do not work anymore?

As mentioned above, the Trial will only work for seven days. After that, Tasty will give you a dialog that you can buy the full version from the AppStore.

I tested a previous version of Tasty, can I try it after an update again?

Yes! The Trial limitation only works on a version based level. When we release a new update you can take a complete new trial with seven new days of the full Tasty experience.

Will there be updates?

Sure. We absolutely plan to release updates as soon as possible. We are really awaiting your feedback about possible new features. We have some ideas in mind, but Tasty should work for you, so please share your ideas with us!

Using Tasty

How can I add new bookmarks?

You can create new bookmarks by either using the Bookmarklet from within Mobile Safari, or save any bookmark you are visiting in Tasty. Use the button at the top right corner to save your copy into your delicious account.

How can I delete a bookmark?

Tasty uses the native gesture to delete existing bookmarks and tags. Just swipe on your bookmark, or tag, from left to right, and you will see a button to submit the deletion. After this, the bookmark will be removed from your current window, and also from your delicious account.