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About our idea

succont is a small software company founded in 2005 by Tobias Tom. Its goal is to develop our own software solutions for desktop computers, mobile devices and the web – and to sell them directly to customers all over the world.

succont values inspiring collaborations with new people. That is why succont loves to work with clients on their projects. This makes it possible to get the best of two worlds:

Right now succont has one person working for it full-time, me – Tobias Tom.

The founder Tobias Tom

I have been a software designer since I started my education in 1998. In the beginning it was mostly web based solutions that spread through all parts of the frontend, the backend and database systems. Since the reveal of the second iPhone I got interested into native iOS solutions. After some experiences with iOS I started to expand my knowledge to native macOS applications.

More information about myself can be found on my personal website.

Photo of Tobias Tom

Tobias Tom

software designer