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Tasty 2.0

The web is about permanent links to great content. We believe that bookmarks are important to value and remember that content. You shouldn't search for the same page again and again. That's why we build Tasty in the first place: to have easy access to the pages you want to remember. No matter if they are technical articles, recipes or companies.

The first version of Tasty was a start, but we are building Tasty 2.0 from scratch to build a modern and flexible application to help you remembering content on the web.

We plan to release it to the App Store, and our own online store, later this year.

Tasty 2.0 iOS icon

Upcoming features (incomplete list)

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P.S. Want to see the website we build for Tasty 1.0 in 2009? Here's a static, no longer updated version: Tasty 1.0 website