Tasty iPhone

Recent Bookmarks

Recent Bookmarks Screenshot With Tasty you can view all your recent bookmarks on your iPhone or iPod touch. Each bookmark will display its title, the additional description and even Favicons are supported!

If you are curious to find new bookmarks, you can try the fresh and the popular sections: Fresh will display recent bookmarks from all users on delicious.com and popular will display most popular bookmarks on delicious right then.

Edit Bookmarks

Edition Screenshot With Tasty it is fantastic easy to create new bookmarks or edit your existing ones. Change the title, add a description, manage the tags or change the share option – everything possible just with your fingertips.

Tasty also has support for Bookmarklets, which will allow you to create new bookmarks right from within Safari or other Apps that will support Tasty in the future!

Browse your bookmarks

Tags Screenshot All your tags and bookmarks will be available on your iPhone or iPod touch. You can easily click on a tag, and all related bookmarks will be displayed.

Tasty includes support for delicious bundles, which allow you to categorize your tags into different sections.

Bookmark details

Bookmark Screenshot Every bookmark on delicious is browsable with Tasty. All the information from delicious are available, including a handy screenshot for all bookmarks and options to share the URL with your friends and co-workers.

You can browse all users who have bookmarked the same URL, or see all recent comments users have added.

We also added a preview for each URL, so you can browse the website right from within Tasty. If you prefer the full experience of Mobile Safari, you can open it in just with one click.

Inbox support

Inbox Screenshot Delicious gives ou a powerful way to receive new, interesting bookmarks.

With Tasty you can always easily check your inbox for links that have been sent to you with the special tag for:username. Tasty gives you access to all the details from the websites, including the usual features like screenshots and recent comments.

Tasty also supports subscriptions. You can add tags of your interest to your subscription list, and Tasty will display you all the recent bookmarks from them.

Network support

Network Screenshot Tasty has the most complete network support ever seen on any mobile device. You can browse all bookmarks that have been added by your network members. With this feature you will always stay in touch with all fresh websites from your friends.

If you search for a special bookmark of a friend you can browse all his bookmarks based on tags and his recent bookmarks. It was never easier to browse your friends bookmarks.