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Welcome to the all new succont

succont has a website. After almost 10 years in business. Finally you might say.

I am not a designer by trade, but I really do like the visual appeal that I came up with for my website. I like the small differences between various resolutions on different devices and the shadow effect of the main content on bigger screens. I’m quite satisfied with myself. After all, I would described myself as a developer… :) That’s also the reason why there are almost no image on this page. I really miss them and I have some plans for the future, but for now I have to live with the fact that I represent my little company in a textual way. There is a little bit too much text on each of the pages, but maybe that reflects perfectly that I talk a lot. I guess when the web was invented it was for content anyway…

If you have any feedback, good or bad, please talk to me on twitter or take a look at the contact page. I’m pretty sure I won't make everyone happy, but nevertheless I’m curious to find out what you think.

If you would like to get updates as this site evolves, subscribe to the feed, follow @succont on twitter or visit the changelog from time to time.

One more thing

I did write »we« a lot on these pages. Here I do use the term »I« because I have written this article about my personal experience. On all other pages I want the company to be represented. I don’t want my little company appear bigger as it is, but I don’t like representing succont with an »I«. It’s not a single person, it’s a company.

Also, people who have met me might know that I sometimes talk about myself and my boss as two separate persons – even if they are not. Maybe that somehow rationalizes the »we«.